We’re working with local charities and food banks to provide community benefit.

Why are we doing this? Let’s be clear from the start about who we are and how we operate. We don’t want to mislead you and we don’t want you to be under any illusions – so here’s a list of things that we’re not: we’re not a charity, we’re not a not-for-profit company and we’re not a community enterprise. For details of the people involved click here.

We would to stress that we’re willing to listen. So if you have new ideas about ways in which we can provide community benefit then please, please, please email them to us. We’re eager to do what we can to help – and we rely on your support to achieve our community goals. Drop us an email to

Recycle and Reuse

We’re passionate about environment – and 2021 is no different.

So we’re working hard to develop policies that our event does not have a negative impact on the area in which we live and work. We’re green at heart – like all good farmers, producers and fans of local food. We’re working towards a Leave No Trace programme, where all materials from our festival are recycled and reused, where possible. Our volunteers will also be litter-picking in the Quarry Park once we’ve gone.

We’ve entered a partnership with one of Shropshire's biggest waste management organisations, Cartwright's Waste Disposal. It understands our aims and objectives and is working with us to make sure our activities do not have a negative effect. We’re working closely with our refuse collecting and sorting partner, Zero Waste, which is providing services for us so that we can make inroads towards our target. The organisation has provided advice and support so that we can minimise the impact that our event has on the Quarry Park – and on the waste stream. With Cartwrights and Zero Waste’s assistance, we’ll make sure we minimise the volume of waste that is not recycled.

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