Clover Hutson

One of the country’s top cookery masterclass chef, award winning food stylists and presenter.

Delivering culinary demonstrations nationwide, she brings her flair with food and recipe expertise to budding chefs time and again.

Experience her unique and entertaining demonstrations and your cooking genius will be well and truly inspired. 

Also an award winning food stylist she works on many large TV adverts, branding, cookery books and is the food stylist to the food porn awards. 

Specialising in accessible, easy and healthy “try at home” recipes that she designs around the whole family being involved and enjoying.

As a mum of two, she believes passionately in home cooked family eating and get togethers. some of the best times can be spent round the table.

She is also the owner of Thomas Kitten Cookery, the hugely popular children's cookery classes and party company based in Harrogate.

Inspiring little budding chefs!

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