BBQ COMPETITION Sponsored by Hickory's Smokehouse

Its time to tantlise the taste buds....

In a county that produces the best meat in the world BBQ is one of the tastiest ways to cook it. With the UK’s changeable weather us Brits are showing how the weather won't stop the best cooks and BBQ becoming more popular every year.

A selection of the best BBQ teams from across the UK are in the Quarry Park competing for the title of Best BBQ in the Midlands 2020.  With some joints taking over 24 hours to reach perfection you’ll be able to meet the teams, chat through what makes their BBQ the best and then on Sunday you might've even got to try it after the judges have done their judging.


The Kamado Joe BBQ stage adjacent to the competetion area brings together some of the best BBQ chefs  to share tips on how to get the best from your food and your BBQ whatever the weather throws our way. We had some AWESOME demonstrators and experts featured so head towards the Hickorys BBQ Competition area again in 2020 for a repeat of last year's thrilling grilling spectacle. 

The 2020 competitors;

Braaibery & Querruption

Bullet Brothers BBQ

Joker Smokers

Pork This Way

Reservoir Hogs

Smoking Dragons

The Barkness

Wonkey Donkeys

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