Chef School

Curated by Chris Burt & Sponsored by FBC Manby Bowdler 

Our chums at FBC Manby Bowdler come up with all the best ideas. Like, for instance: ‘Hey guys, why don’t you have an area where visitors to the festival can learn to cook from some of your expert chefs and producers?’

 Okay. You got it. Fancy it? Good. It’s a £5 voluntary donation with ALL proceeds going directly to charity and you get to take away your food!

Make sure you get to the tent early to reserve your spot – the courses always sell out and we’d hate for you to be disappointed.

The FBC Manby Bowdler Cookery School has been one of the revelations of the festival in the past two years. Curated by Shropshire’s maverick cook, Chris Burt, Executive Chef at Mytton & Mermaid, it gives you the chance to learn from the experts so that you can take your new skills home and rustle up a feast.

Saturday June 29th

11.30am  Ice Cream

You'd think we couldn't make ice cream as the sun shines down on Shrewsbury Folk Festival. But you'd be wrong. And ingedients specialist Vicky Enderson wil join local artisan ice creamer Pat Parkes to show you how it's done.

12.30pm Zero Waste

Clever tips on cutting back on food waste will be we showcase how to make the most of everything you buy, from nose to tail, from root to stalk. 

1.30pm Down the Rabbit Hole

MSK supply Britain's greatest chefs with the incredible ingredients that help them to create culinary fireworks. And they'll be giving you the opporutnity to dazzle and delight in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

2.30pm The Birds & The Bees

Kirstie Lewis is best known as the General Manager at Mytton and Mermaid. But she has a secret passion for bees and honey, which she'll share alongside dessert maker Karen White. Expect an insightful, environmentally-aware demo with plenty of sweet treats.

3.30pm Filipino Food

Filipino food is bang on trend and Mytton and Mermaid Executive Chef Chris Burt will be joined by his filipino friends as he explores one of the most exciting and inventive cuisines to emerge from South East Asia.

4.30pm Its Meat & Two Veg Roulette

Expect the unexpected as we bring down the curtain on day one of Shrewsbury Food show with a unique game of roulette. Unexpected combinations and techniques will be the order of the day - just don't expect a traditional meat and two veg. 

Sunday June 30th

11.30am Finger on The Pulse

The rise of vegetarianism and veganism has focused minds on new pulses & grains for 2019. And we'll be looking at how you can incorporate healthy pulses and grains into your own dishes, taking out needless starch and protein and substituting them for something more tasty.

12.30pm Leo Kattou

Learn from a master as Michelin star holder Leo Kattou shares some of the techniques from Simpsons' Edgbaston kitchen. Opportunities to cook with chefs this good don't come along too often - so make sure you're in the front of the queue.

1.30pm Ynyshir masterclass

Ynyshir restaurant is the most exciting restaurant in Britain. There. We've said it. It's little wonder that Gareth Ward has been named the Good Food Guide's Chef of the Year. But he can't achieve those results without a little help, including that from his head chef, Nathan. So join in to find out how to be at the top of your game and learn from the masters.

2.30pm Straight Outta Africa

West African Food - Shropshire chef Chris Burt was brought up in Africa and Straight Outta Africa is the title of his new, crowd-funded book, due for publication later this year. Sign up - you may get to find out more about the book before it comes out.

3.30pm Nick Knowles & Chris Burt

TV star Nick Knowles is a regular visitor to Shrewsbury Food Festival and we're delighted to welcome him back. He'll be teaming up with his pal, Chris Burt, to talk about flexitarianism - which combines a largely vegan diet with occasional hits of protein.

4.30pm Genius Bar

Ask Expert - Grab a beer, pull up a chair and settle down in the Genius Bar. A number of chefs and experts from Day Two of Shrewsbury Food Festival will be sharing their wisdom and tips during an impromptu q&a. 

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