We are so, so proud of the people who keep the town’s food industry going that we genuinely want to showcase it. Of course, we also want to give you something to do that’s fun and enjoyable once you leave The Quarry.

We’ve gone out of our way to create  activities that encourage people to visit the town’s market, local shops and our brilliant, brilliant independent restaurants. We’ve always been keen to spread the love – or, business, if you prefer a literal translation

The Market Hall will be holding their amazing market on the Saturday so walk up those stairs and have a look also the town’s Castle Grounds will be open free of charge. 

Lunch Club

The 2017 Lunch Club, sponsored by Monks makes the biggest and best dining event in Shrewsbury.

This year, we wanted to simplify things even further, and so we’ve turned our Restaurant Safari into a brand new event called The Monks Lunch Club.

The reason for the change is simple – you and the chefs who cook in our restaurants wanted to be even clearer about what was on offer. You wanted to be sure about pricings, sure about what was available and sure about when it would be on offer.

So, The Monk’s Lunch Club was created that answers all of those questions.

Participating restaurants across town will make the offer available each weekday, during lunchtime. They will offer at least one course for a fiver – and you can’t say fairer than that if you’re looking for a decent lunch.

The Monk’s Lunch Club will run from the start of June until Food Festival weekend and it will be easy for you to spot which restaurants are taking part – they’ll be the ones with the bright green and orange A-boards outside, advising you to eat for a fiver.

Wine Tasting & Tours of Tanners

The Guardian have said Tanners Wines is 'a bit like the cellars of Hogwarts as imagined by Charles Dickens…Infinitely more fun than any supermarket.’ The Independent proclaimed Tanners as 'the ultimate country wine merchant.’ The Times said it contains 'one of the most outstanding wine selections in the country' and was one of Country Life's 'Ten Most Charming Shops in Britain'.

The shop will be doing cellar tours and tastings on the Saturday so please check out their website for more information - www.tanners-wines.co.uk.

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