There's every incentive to buy tickets now - before the rush. During our first year, we welcomed more than 10,000 people at our gates and then 20 000 in the second year and 27 000 came last year!. If the weather's nice, that figure is likely to rise substantially again this year. So the sensible thing to do is buy tickets here in advance. That will help you to beat the queues - while helping us to avoid congestion during the weekend of our event. You can also find out more details on a weekly basis by signing up to our mailing list. There's a link on the front page, and you can also sign up for social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. We will update you on the latest news as we get it. Printed programmes will be available throughout Shrewsbury and its hinterland and there will also be printed programmes available on the day. You can DOWNLOAD a copy now of the  programme or pick on up from across town so you can get a taste of what to expect on the day!

Ticket prices are £7 adults and £15 families

Tickets give entry for ONE day only. Families will consist of 2 adults and upto 3 children aged 2 - 14 years old. 

The gates open at 10am until 6.30pm on Saturday 24th June and 10am until 5pm on Sunday 25th June.

You can also buy on the gate on the day.

Please note that Digital Ticketing Systems Ltd will appear on your credit / debit card statement as they are our ticketing software provider who process your transaction

 If you require more information please email

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