Without the sponsors the festival wouldnt be where it is today so we would like to say a HUGE thanks to them for making it happen!

Our festival was founded by two people but Beth and Andy quickly became cogs in a much-bigger wheel. 'Team Orange' is made up of many, many more people. There's more than 100 volunteers and there's also the core team of seven, who run the event.

But the ingenuity and hard-work of our sponsors is also essential. So we hope you'll take a minute or two to read up about the people who've made our event what it is.

Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury

A huge massive thanks to Mercedes Benz of Shrewsbury - this amazing team continue to support us year after year, and bring glitz and glam (in g-g-gorgeous vehicular form) to our festival. Including an amazing Shrewsbury Food Festival vehicle for us each year.

We know Mercedes-Benz believe in 'The Best or Nothing' and we are so thrilled that they have joined with the Shrewsbury Food Festival Team to create the best Festival in Shropshire!

Monkhouse Food and Drink 

Monkhouse Food and Drink have been with us since our inception. Shrewsbury’s bespoke food and drink agency helps to spread our message – and the message of artisan producers – to Britain’s media. Without these guys we're pretty sure we wouldnt be as popular as we are oday. TOTALLY recommend these guys! We're indebted to Clare Downes particularly, as well as Verity, for continued support.  www.monkhousefoodanddrink.co.uk

Lanyon Bowdler

We'll have a huge selection of farmyard animals on site this year, including cattle, pigs, exotic zoo and alpacas. Our friends at Lanyon Bowdler www.lblaw.co.uk are responsible for that - so when you're admiring the ickle wickle piglets and saying 'ah, aren't they cute', spare a thought for the guys who made that happen.

FBC Manby Bowdler LLP

These guys have made it possible for us to have Chef School this year and for that we are very grateful. The FBC Manby Bowdler team will be working hard behind the scenes so make sure you say a huge thank you for making this happen!

Baldwin Turner Peachey

We have a great craft area with artisans making up a brilliantly vibrant area. The area receives further generous sponsorship from Baldwin Turner Peachey chartered accountants, www.turner-peachey.co.uk, who make sure local traders get a fair chance. 

Wenlock Spring

The Chefs who star on our Chef Demo stage all appear free of charge. They do it for the love of it – there isn’t a big fat pay cheque waiting for them once they’ve finished. The stage itself is sponsored by Wenlock Spring www.wenlockspring.co.uk who were part of our team last year. We’re grateful for their continued support and hope the alliance will continue for many years.


Many of you will enjoy food for a fiver during the Restaurant Safari throughout June. That’s the event that features 14 local restaurants, each of whom is dishing up taster courses for just £5. The event is being bought to you by Monks Estate Agents, who have generously provided us with signage for the event. www.monks.co.uk We’re planning to work with them on the #RestaurantSafari in coming years, making it a much-bigger event.

The Buttermarket

The Buttermarket are behind our live music stage. The Buttermarket, with support from Pro Audio Sound, have established the best venue in the region. They’ll be programming the #ShropshireUnsigned music on our stage during the weekend. www.thebuttermarket.co.uk

Claremont Accounting

These guys are in charge of our bookeeping and keeping us on straight and narrow - Thanks team!!

Shropshire Gin - Tiger Gin

These guys made it possible for the lunch party to go with an extra swing as VIP's and chefs enjoyed this AWESOME new product. We totally recommend that you go and see them over the festival and have a try for yourself!

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