Curated by Chris Burt & Sponsored by FBC Manby Bowdler 

One of the highlights of our 2016 festival was FBC Manby Bowdler’s Cookery School. Huge numbers descended on our pop-up workshop, which was curated by Shrewsbury’s own Chris Burt.
They got the chance to try 15 different cookery classes – enjoying free tuition rather than forking out a small fortune. Great fun, entertaining and as tasty as a five-course dinner, the FBC classes were an undoubted hit.
Laura Jones, from FBC, said: “We had great fun last year and this year we’re looking to up the ante. We’ve got a brilliant line-up with more guest chefs than ever before. We’re delighted that Chris Burt will be curating the stage again – and we’re thrilled that he’s also bringing so many friends with him.”
Burt is a force of nature whose 20-year stint at Shrewsbury’s Peach Tree, Momo No Ki and Havana Republic made him one of the county’s most celebrated cooks. He’s recently spread his wings by moving to be the executive chef at the Mytton and Mermaid. He’s also sent himself on a round-the-world jaunt, picking up tips from Colombia, Thailand, New York, Japan, Canada and other corners of the globe.
Burt said: “We’ve got a great line-up this year. The courses get heavily over-subscribed, so the tip is to book early.”

FBC Manby Bowdler Cookery School
Saturday 24th
11am - ‘Pimp My Burger’ - with Great Berwick Organics, purveyors of grass fed Longhorn beef.
Farmer Sam Barker will join Chris Burt a burger masterclass. More cheese, relish, pickles, pulled pork or sauce? You decide.

12pm - ‘Off The Cuff’ - with Chris Burt
Our stage compare Chris Burt will rustle up unique dishes and show you how to make the most of your larder. Not sure what to do with ingredients that have been lying on the shelves? Burt will explain.
1pm - ‘DoughBoy’ with 5th generation local baker Rob Swift & Adrian Badland
Robert Swift is one of the region’s best bakers and Adrian Badland one of Shropshire’s finest chefs. They’ll join forces for this bread-themed workshop, which is perfect for budding bakers.
2pm - ‘Alice In Wonderland’ - Innovative Industry Leaders ‘MSK’s’ - Vicky Enderson shares some ticks of the trade.                                         She’s the woman who knows all there is to know about liquid nitrogen and the whizz, bang, pop ingredients that turn food into a carnival.
3pm - ‘You Got Me Turning Portugese’ - with Ana Ribeiro & ChrisBurt
Riberio is a classy cook whose intuitive understanding of Portugese food will enthral and delight. Food from southern Europe is becoming increasingly fashionable – remember where you tried it first.
4pm - ‘Pasta Blasta’ - with La Triestina & Chris Burt
The pasta girls from La Triestina will show you how to make the most of your tagliatelle. If you’re looking for inspiration, want ideas about great sauces or are looking to spice up your supper, this is the course for you.
Sunday 25th
‎11pm - ‘Pimp My Sushi’ - with Momo-No-Ki team Chris Burt & Matt Parry
The healthy choice for Sunday breakfast is sushi. And experts Chris Burt and Matt Parry will walk you through basic techniques. You’ll be making your own California roles by the end of it.
12pm - ‘Beelicious’ - with Top TV Chef ‘Sally Bee’
Signing up for a Sally Bee masterclass will be a real coup for foodies and fans of her cookery slots on ITV’s Lorraine. Sally will be promoting her latest book, Beelicious.
1pm -  ‘Asian Street Food’ - with “Nok’s Grill’ founders Duncan & Nok Carpenter.
Thai food will be on the menu with the Nok Grill founders. Perfect the perfect South East Asian dishes with them.
2pm - ‘Give a Man a Fish’ - Top Shropshire fishmonger Ian Cornall, of Barkworths Seafoods.                                                                                            Teaming up with Chris Burt for this double-header. Learn how to fillet, season and cook the perfect dish.
3pm - ‘Blessed Are The Cheesemakers’ - Top Local Cheese producer Martin Moyden will make fresh cheese before your eyes with local spice guru Lajina Leal, from Masala Magics. Their paneer is the perfect afternoon snack,
4pm - ‘Funky Flexitarian’  - with ‘DIY SOS’ star Nick Knowles & Chris Burt - compared by Colin Young.                                                                           We’re going to go round off our fifth festival in fine style with a big-hitting finale and charity auction. Come early – it’ll be sold out.

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